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This is one of the best tools that you can use online to kickstart your online business (at only 10$ a month).

Creating a membership site or setting up an online course can be hard. Not only do you have to create the course content but also integrate payment, create a login system, set up an affiliate program etc.

Invanto makes everything easy for you, right from creating a membership site to setting up an affiliate program to selling your first course online. Let’s breakdown the different tools in this review.

We’ll talk about it’s features, pricing, alternatives & my overall experience using the tool.

Invanto is Saas product which offers a suite of tools to help you creating membership sites, setting up an online course, creating quizzes & more. You get access to more than 7 different tools:

1. MemberFactory
2. CoachRack
3. RewardBurst
4. CartFog
5. ConsentUp
6. Allyhut
7. Testnia

People have been selling online courses since almost a decade now. Setting up an online course today is way easier compared to 5 year back. You could either use a marketplace like Coursera, Udemy or a self host it by using a tool like Teachable or Invanto. You could also completely ditch all the above options to create your custom coded website which is  not advisable, unless you have heck load of money to hire a developer. The same goes for creating a membership site too.

Now, let’s take a deep dive look at the platform Invanto & different features that it brings to the table.

Invanto is like an all in one tool to help you kickstart & manage your online course, membership site or any type of business for that matter.

Member Factory

Let’s learn more about the most popular Invanto product, Member Factory. Member Factory helps you create membership sites effortlessly, at least that’s what their tagline says. Jokes apart, Member Factor is all you need to grow your community online.

Same as your Spotify membership, this tool helps you manage the membership (for your students). In simple words, you can manage who sees, which content.

To create a new site you need to follow two simple steps:

1. Site details

Just enter your site details like name & description. You’ll also need to mention things like primary currency & your slug for your site.

2. Payment Gateway

In the next step you need to choose your gateway you need at checkout. Few popular gateways include Stripe, Paypal & Thrivecart.

Let’s look at the best features of Member Factory:

1. Content Editor

You can easily customise your site using the powerful content editor. You can attach files, customise layouts & more.

2. Content Drip

People sometimes don’t value courses if they get access to everything at once. With content drip you can make sure your members get content only after they complete the last course or after a specific time period.

3. Insights

Track all of your sales through one dashboard. Learn which membership plan is doing well & which is causing the highest refunds.

4. Design 

Member Factory comes with pre built membership themes to help you get started. You can easily change attributes like fonts, colours to match your brand.

Apart from these features you could also integrate with Stripe, Mailchimp, Aweber & more.

Coach Rack

Coach Rack is another popular Invanto tool. It helps you create beautiful courses. Right from creating different course bundles to designing course completion certificates from the built-in library, you can do it all using Coach Rack.

A lot of the features you find on Coach Rack is similar to Member Factory. Let’s look at a few of them:

1. Progress Tracking

With progress tracking, you can easily see the progress of your students. This helps you understand the level of engagement by your students.

2. Course Bundles

Most online coaches release their courses in bundle. This helps them to increase their reach by diversifying their offerings. With Coach Rack you can easily create these bundles.

3. Reference Materials

Are you a fan of checklists? With Coach Rank you can easily attach additional resources like checklists, PDFs and more to your lesson.

4. Customised Messages

By integrating with applications like Mailchimp & Infusionsoft you can easily personalize the messaging for your student.

5. Team Management

You can easily create groups in Coach Rack. Each member of the group have different permissions depending on their duties. For example, the support team can only have access to payment settings & billing history.  

For people who are wondering how many courses you can create on Coach Rack, you can create unlimited courses. We’ll talk about the pricing at the end of the review.

Reward Burst

For mobile games, reward systems has been at their heart of their engagement & revenue. To give you an example, Clash of Clans is one such game that uses reward systems brilliantly to engage players & earn from them.

Reward Burst is one such tool that helps you create similar reward systems to help level up your engagement game. These systems can be used to engage, encourage, retain, and profit from your students. The rewarding system helps you award your students with points which can be later used to unlock special content, badges & more.

Let’s look at some of the features of Reward Burst –

1. Packages

This lets you sell a package of points for a specified amount. So lets say someone wants to unlock a special lesson, he could directly buy points & use it to unlock the course.

2. Make your own combination

You can literally customise the reward system as per your wish. You could provide extra points after chapter completion, a 10/10 quiz or when users join you at the specific days. It provides you with the flexibility to experiment and engage.

3. Insights

Using this feature, you’ll be able to check as to which student earned the most points for logging in early or for completing lessons. This makes it easy to find your best & worst students. 


This tool helps you to create high converting checkout pages. Apart from this you can use it upsell and downsell products. Checkout pages are crucial especially when it comes to ecommerce. They are as important as your landing pages.

Let’s see how CartFog helps you convert most of your buyers:

1. Funnel Creation

This helps your potential buyer discovers similar products to help you e the average cart value. You could add upsells to get the most from a single transaction.

2. Integration

You could integrate CartFog seamlessly with all the Invanto apps like CoachRack & MemberFactory. You just need to attach your existing membership sites or online courses with the tool.

3. Private Customer Area

The private customer area helps you to create a specific page on your domain where people can track their subscriptions.

4. Setup Emails & Receipts

You can boost your sales by using pre made email sales templates which you can send through your CRM. Be it 12 in the night or 4 in the morning, receipts are automatically sent to the buyer to acknowledge all the transactions.


Making money is important but equally important is to abide by all the laws. This Invanto tool, ConsentUp helps you to make your website compliant by helping you create policies, take consent from members & more.

If you have students or members from the UK,it’s mandatory to be GDPR compliant. Data Protection is becoming a serious matter of concern in the recent years.

Let’s see how you can use ConsentUp to your advantage:

1. Everything in one place

ConsentUp helps you manage all your policies & update them using a single platform. It makes things easier & faster.

2. Consent Collection & Management

From cookies consent to newsletter opt-ins you can collect the consents from the members using ConsentUp. The same tool allows to check the number of accepted consents for an individual member.

3. Policy Creation

Creating policies can be hard but not with ConsentUp. Using the tool you can create mandatory policies using pre-made templates. Eg- Privacy policy, Terms of Use & Cookies

4. Policy Mapping

Want to include a policy on a page? Using the policy mapping feature you can easily map a policy to a specific page.


Creating an affiliate program, need not be hard & expensive. With Allyhut you can easily create affiliate programs for your courses to help increase your sales.

Affiliate programs is a proven way to increase sales, especially when it comes to digital products. This is the main reason for ClickBank’s success.

Let’s look at the different features AllyHut provides you with :

Set your Commission

With AllyHut you have the freedom of choosing either a global (rate that applies to all of your products) or a different rate for every product.

Track Sales

It helps you keep a check on the affiliate. Using this data you can check as to which product has the most sales through affiliate or determine your affiliates.

Create your Affiliate Center

Creating an affiliate promotion page need not be hard. To get started just add your logo, a promo video & welcome message to get started.


Courses need not be boring, create interactive quizzes to make it interesting. Testnia, another product from the Invanto line helps you to level the learning experience of your students.

Let’s look at the different features of Testnia:

Different Types of Quizzes

The tool empowers you to create different types of quizzes – time based quizzes, multiple selection quizzes & more.


Using the reporting feature you can analyse a student’s performance in detail. You can export the report as a graph or a CSV.


You award your different members by providing badges depending on the cumulative score of the quizzes.

Apart from this Testnia some of features like time based quizzes prevents students from cheating. You can also create quizzes in different difficulties & in multiple languages too.

Pros & Cons

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Invanto.


Affordable – The deal which Invanto is providing is clearly nuts. Though the price is depending on the users, it’s quite affordable. Later in the review you’ll find that it’s competitors are almost 5x more expensive. 

Feature Rich – All the tools have some great unique features which makes the tool quite feature rich.

User Navigation – The overall user experience of using Invanto tools is great. Even the student’s experience of the course area is quite positive.


When it comes integrations Invanto can be easily integrated with apps like Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Aweber & Stripe. You can also find Invanto’s app on Zapier, but it’s not usable yet though.

Pricing & Ratings

You can get access to all Invanto apps starting at 10$ a month. There’s a specific limit on the users in every plan though. For example in 10$ plan there’s a restriction at 100 students/members.

The pricing is however quite affordable for anybody who can make use of all the Ivanto apps. It’s a little expensive for people interested in using a specific application as there’s no option to subscribe to a single tool.


More than 218 users have reviewed Invanto on Capterra. It has a rating of 4 out 5. Most of the reviews are quite positive & people love the affordability & flexibility that the software brings on to the table. Make sure to go through the reviews to get a better idea about the pros and cons of the tool.


There are 4 reviews for CoachRack on G2Crowd. There’s a video testimonial of some customer too.


In terms of alternatives, honestly there’s no Saas company providing all the tools under one name. The closest competitors especially if you’re looking to create and manage online courses are Teachable & Thinkific. Let’s see how Invanto stacks up against these two tools.


Teachable is one of the leading software for creating & selling online courses. You can think of it as a combination of MemberFactory, CoachRack, CartFog, AllyHut & Testnia. If your aim is just to create an online course then Teachable is a better option.


Teachable provides you with almost all the features that you get on Invanto. The only thing with Teachable is that since it is all in one platform unlike Invanto you can only use it for course creation.


Teachable starts at 29$ a month. Clearly, Invanto is quite affordable but if you want to sell online courses Teachable is an equally good platform though it’s higher price tag.

Many big companies like CoSchedule & popular bloggers like Pat Flynn makes use of Teachable for their online courses.


Thinkific is leader when it comes to creating & selling courses online.


Thinkific also provides almost all the features of Teachable & Invanto. After using both the tools Thinkifc has clearly more features, especially when creating a product page. After looking at few Teachable course landing pages, you’ll easily will be to identify it’s Teachable, while the same is not true for Thinkific.


The best part about Thinkific is that there’s a free plan to get started. Their paid plans starts at 49$/month. Here again, Invanto is an affordable option, especially if you’re getting started.


Overall Invanto, is a great application for anyone who’s major revenue is coming through courses. I wouldn’t recommend Invanto to a beginner but it’s a dream for any professional coach. In our comparison, Invanto is clearly the most affordable.

The user experience of using the tool is great. The tools are quite easy to set up. Even the support was quite responsive. They have a ticketing system.

If you sell courses for a living then you’d definitely need to check Invanto. Click for a free trial.