MobileMonkey Review: The Best Messenger Marketing Platform [Updated 2019]

As marketers & blogger, we all know the importance of converting visitors into leads. Getting visitors to a blog or website is not enough, converting them into leads is more important. For over a decade now, emails are being used for lead generation.

But in the recent years, lead generation methods has evolved. For many business, emails are being slowly replaced by chatbots & messenger bots. This is for a specific reason – chatbots are more user friendly & faster compared to emails. If we just speak about open rates and click rates, messenger bots have 12x more open rate when compared to emails. That’s wonderful. Isn’t it.

Today, we’re going to review MobileMonkey, a Messenger Marketing platform by the popular Larry Kim. Apart from MobileMonkey, Larry founded Wordstream, a search marketing company which he sold to Gannett, 10 years later. 

In this MobileMonkey review, let’s check how messenger bots can help you get more leads & conversions.

Before getting to know more about MobileMonkey, let’s understand a bit about messenger marketing. Just keep in mind when I mention Messenger, I mean the Messenger chat platform by Facebook.

Messenger bots are used to execute a specific task. For example, I can create a messenger bot, which can be used to send you a link to an Ebook after you enter your email ID and name. The beauty about a bot is that it doesn’t need any human intervention.

Messenger marketing is using such bots for tasks like lead generation, content promotion, offers etc.

Honest Mobile Monkey Review: What is MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey is a messenger marketing tool which helps you in creating bots, list building, nurturing your leads, chat blast & more. It’s one of the best messenger marketing platforms out there. You can do all this without writing any piece of code.

MobileMonkey is clearly one of the best Messenger Marketing tool. It helps more than just creating a bot, but it’s mostly provides you a platform for messenger marketing. 

Setting up MobileMonkey

The setup is quite simple. Here are the following steps to get started : 

1. You need to sign up using your Facebook Account.

2. After signing up using Facebook, you’ll find the list of the Facebook Pages you own.

3. To get started with your first bot, select the page from the list.

You can use the Free plan to check the different features of MobileMonkey incase you are also looking at other messenger platforms. 

Features of MobileMonkey

Let’s look at the different tabs and functionalities of the tool, MobileMonkey.


The dashboard gives you a birds eye view of the whole progress you’ve made, like the number of contacts you’ve added, sessions & more. It also helps you access all the other tabs for using the platform.

Bot Builder

As the name suggests, Bot builder can be used to create messenger bots. Don’t worry you don’t need to code anything, it’s a simple drag and drop builder. There are two types of bots you can build here – Dialogues & Q/A.

Q/A bot

In this bot you can assign a reply for a specific word. So, I could assign a particular message for words like “price” or “support”. So even if I ask “What’s the price” or “How much is the price” the answer would be the same. This is not 100% accurate when it comes to answering questions but it gets the job done.


Consider this person as a real person talking to you. There’s a specific flow to the message depending on a set of actions & inputs.


Let’s now check, what & how you create messenger bots.

Before creating a bot, you’ll need to specify a “Welcome message” & a “Default Message”. The default message is triggered when no option is chosen.

To get started, click on the Add button. Using this you can add a message, URL, Handover & more.

But the main, fun is the Widgets. Let’s check some of the cool widgets –


This let’s you attach files that you want to send to your users. You can upload a PDF, DOC, ZIP, PPT & more.


This lets you capture details from you user like emails, phone number with validation. There’s also an option to label any answer so that the data stays organised.


This feature helps to navigate the user to a specific dialogue.


To make it feel as if a real person is behind the bot, you can use Typing widget which shows the typing animation for a particular set time interval.

To take your bot to the next level, you can make use of the logic settings to set parameters which if TRUE will show the block, if not it will skip it.

If you can imagine a flow, you could probably create a bot using MobileMonkey, even if it’s a complicated one. Incase you need to check the bot in action, MobileMonkey provides you with a URL which you could probably use to test the bot.


Have you ever seen a messenger Ad on Facebook with CTA as “Message us”? MobileMonkey also allows you to create such Messenger Ads for your business. There’s also a tab which helps you send a promotional blast to these leads.

Just make a note, both of them are pro version.


Consider this tab as the Google Analytics of MobileMonkey. It lets you check the contacts, form conversion rates & more. It also lets you analyse as to how the different bots are performing. It also allows you to create audiences depending on certain parameters.

Lead Magnets

This tab provides you with different ways of lead generation. You can trigger a chatbot using a –

1. QR Code – This works best for a real world experience at stores & events.

2. Landing Pages – You could also embed bots on landing pages.

3. HTML Elements – This is the best way of sharing bots. You can use the URL & share it over email or a website.

4. Messenger Icon – Have you seen a floating messenger icon on websites ? Yes, this option lets you create exactly that.


Lazy to create your own bot ? Don’t worry MobileMonkey has you covered. You could easily use the premade bot templates to quickly get started with Messenger Marketing. If you wish, you can create a template too.

The library has over 20+ templates across various categories.

Marketing Automation

Here’s where you’ll find all the tools you need to engage all the audience created. Some of the methods are –

1. Chat blast

This lets you send a specific message to a large number of contact at a particular time. If you want you can schedule the blast. Also, you could personalize name and other elements in the chat blast.

This is extremely useful for notifying about a new blog post, product launch & more.

2. Drip Campaign

This is more a nurture campaign. It’s lets you continually engage with new audiences as they meet certain criteria. This is by far the best feature of MobileMonkey.

3. Automation

If you love automation, you can easily use Zapier to connect with thousands of other apps to create smart workflow.


There are some clear advantages of MobileMonkey –

1. The amount of features you get with this tool is amazing. You can really create complicated bots and workflows using the nifty features that the tool provides you with.

2. The Zapier integrations help you to save a ton of time by integrating it with a ton of applications.

3. The user interface is fairly simple & you can easily get acquainted with the system.

4. The free plan helps you test features and the messenger marketing on whole to check if it’s really working for your business or blog. However there’s a MobileMonkey branding in all the bots you create.


There are two pricing options on MobileMonkey –

Free Plan

The free plan is great. It helps you get an idea about messenger marketing before buying the pro plan. The limitations are you can create only bot, per page. There’s also MobileMonkey branding on all the bots.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan starts at 49$/month but for some reason it always is discounted at 19$/month for me. This price is per facebook page. This let’s you access all the premium features of the bot like the Drip campaign.

There’s also a Premier Consulting plan which you can buy to get on 1:1 session with an account manager to get more information on messenger marketing & advice around it.


Let’s look at the competitors of MobileMonkey –


While the number of features you find on MobileMonkey is hard to find in other, ManyChat comes close, at least at what matters. Having used both the tools, I felt creating chatbots on ManyChat was easier when compared to MobileMonkey.

The pricing for Manychat starts at 10$ per month. The model is here is a little different here, the more the number of subscribers you want, the more you’ll have to pay. There’s also a free plan that you could utilise to test ManyChat’s features.


Chatfuel is another great alternative to MobileMonkey. They have some big companies like Adidas & Lego under their belt. The features here is quite minimal as it is built to solve one problem.

Apart from the free plan, there are two plans – 15$ for the pro plan & 199$ for the premium plan. There’s no limit on the number of subscribers on both the paid plans.


Let’s check how people have rated MobileMonkey.


On Capterra there were few MobileMonkey reviews. It was rated 4.5 out of 5 out of 4 reviews. Many of the reviewers liked it’s integration with Zapier.


The same rating is on G2Crowd as well. On G2Crowd most of the reviews were positive. The standout for customers was the support team.


MobileMonkey indeed a great tool when it comes to messenger marketing. The plethora of features that MobileMonkey provides you is second to none. If you really want to implement messenger marketing into your business then I would highly recommend MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey is a great tool if you want to go in depth and try all the forms of messenger marketing. But if you are looking for casual check, you are better off using a simpler tool like ManyChat. Hope this MobileMonkey Review was useful. For more such reviews, check our homepage.

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