RelayThat Review – Is it Really a 100% Canva Killer?

If you are not a designer, you would know the pain of creating images for social media, blog or YouTube for that matter. While there are tools like Canva & Stencil for creating such images, one major problem is takes away a lot of time especially in creating images in different sizes for platforms.

For example, if you create an image for Facebook, it would probably not look as good when published on Instagram or Pinterest. Every social media has their own guidelines for images.

So what’s the solution ?

RelayThat! It’s an quick design tool for creating images for social media & ads. It boasts of saving 90% of your design time.

Let’s dive into the RelayThat Review.


RelayThat is a tool that lets you create agency level images for different channels effortlessly. You can create more than 20 different sizes of images by just adding few elements & setting brand colours. 

Being consistent with your brand on social media is quite important. Being said, creating different images for every social media with brand in mind can be challenging, RelayThat’s mission is to help solve this problem. They don’t want people to spend hundreds of dollars on agency’s for getting their images done

Who is RelayThat for ?

RelayThat is perfect for bloggers, small startups owners & social media managers. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to great good quality images easily & quickly without losing the brand consistency.

In today’s world, brand is a big differentiator. It helps you stand out from the crowd.

Setting RelayThat

You can try RelayThat by creating a free account. The on-boarding starts with a in-app tour to better understand the use of each tab and section.

Note : There’s watermark for every image in the free version. Hence, you can’t make use of the tool for free, you need to purchase the paid version.

Starting up is fairly simple. You need to first upload 4 photos :

1. A normal photo
2. Logo of your website
3. Icon
4. Backdrop

You’ll also need to enter things like headline, button text , description etc. That’s it, you’re done.
Now you’ll see all the designs in different sizes depending on your elements. It’s also easy to set brand colours so that RelayThat would be able to recommend you the best design possible.

The initial impressions of the tool was great (when I first started testing it).


Let’s talk about different tabs present on the tool.


As the name suggest you could use this tab to choose different sizes of images. The best part is that the sizes are grouped into different channels like Social, Ad, Print & more.

Under Social, you’d found layouts for Instagram Story, YouTube Header & Twitter Header. In the print option you’ll find layouts for Business Cards, Book Cover etc.  The Ads tab houses all the layouts for creating different Ad images.

There’s also the option to preview your images as it would look on the web. For example if you’re designing Twitter header you could see how it would look if you really uploaded on your Twitter profile. As of now there are few options, but I hope they’ll add more templates later.


This is the tab shows the real potential of the tool RelayThat.

The Colour Tab shows relevant colour scheme to take your social images to the next level. You can easily choose a colour scheme & all of our images will change accordingly. There are more than hundreds of colour schemes to choose from, hence you’ll never be out of options.

Font Pair

Same as colour schemes, RelayThat suggests you a ton on similar fonts. There are a lot of very good options here. I especially like the Effra & Raleway Medium combination.


This tab suggests you sample heading depending upon your use case.


I can bet you’ll not find this option in tool. If you know a bit about SEO then you’ll know the importance of alt tags for Image SEO. After adding few keywords, the images you’ll download will have these words in the filename to help with SEO.


The images tab contains over 2 million photos that you can use it in your images. All the images are from royalty free sites like Pixaby, Pexels etc. If you still can’t find the perfect image you can upload images to use it your images.

There’s also hundreds of icons to pump up your images. There’s also an option to apply different filters on the image.

The text option helps you customise the fonts used in the images. You can select different sizes ,colours, fonts & more.

You can easily find the previously designed images (by you or by your team) and reuse it create some image.

What I like about RelayThat ?

The application has really left me mesmerised. It’s really built for certain segment of users, those folks who want great looking images, without spending a lot of time & effort. The number of icons, images, fonts & colour schemes is unavailable.

I really like that even after suggestions you can move around the elements to create that perfect social media image or advertisement.

What I dislike about RelayThat ?

Firstly, there’s no freemium version as you get with Canva & Sketch. The price is also on the higher side with 25$ per user. Apart from the price, there’s no complaints from my side.


RelayThat has a really unique feature set which you is hard to find in other tools. But there are loads of designs tools in the market, one of them being the famous Australian unicorn, Canva. There are other tools like Stencil & Picmonkey too.

Let’s see how RelayThat stacks up against.


Canva is the go to tool for any designer. It has greatly evolved in the past few years. Canva recently acquired the free stock image sites Pexels & Pixabay. A lot of the features that RelayThat provides you’ll find in Canva.

But something which is better in RelayThat is the different size option, while you get sizes on Canva as well, you won’t find that many options as RelayThat. When it comes to pricing while y Canva is free to start with, if you need extra features the paid version starts with only 9.95$.

At the end of the day these are two different tools with different value proposition.


Stencil is another great tool for designing great social media images. The best part about stencil is the simplicity. In the free version you can create ten images per month. It has a collection of some jaw dropping templates.

Stencil starts at 9$/month where you can create upto 50 images.

Recently Buffer also came with their own tool, Pablo for designing social media images.


Let’s look at the rating of RelayThat on sites like Capterra & G2Crowd.


On G2Crowd, RelayThat has a rating of 4.6. There’s no written review though.


On Capterra, RelayThat has a good 4.5 rating. Overall reviews are quite positive. People really love this tool, especially for saving them a ton of time. Time is quite crucial, this proves it.


RelayThat is clearly a great quick design tool. It can save hours creating and designing social media images.

It’s a no brainer for any non designer who wants to create awesome images. The results are fabulous and has yielded a massive ROI for me. With this you can save time which you can reuse on other important tasks like marketing.

With RelayThat you’ll stop worrying about different image dimensions. Try for free here.

I hope you found this relaythat review honest and helpful. If you did, please leave a comment below and let us know your experience.

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